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Here to bring well-being & healing for local communities through laughter games, fun, stories, acting, sound baths, gong baths, sound healing workshops, shamanic healing, laughter yoga, laughter clubs, relaxation, certified training (groups & 1-2-1s). Please check the 
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Please visit the page you would like to get more info on & feel to e-mail or text Anetta for the clubs, team building events, hen parties, 1-2-1 healing or training on  07940022119    positivitywithin@gmail.com  


near SALISBURY, Wiltshire:   7th & 8th August 2021

I was asked to share the greeting I use before my healing sessions. Here it is The Universal Greeting variation on Dalai Lama's quote altered by Don Conreaux Gong Master & it has been used by many at beginning of gong baths. Beautiful words to say at a beginning of any healing session. I learned it from Sheila Whitaker. Feel free to share

The Universal Greeting Before Healing Sessions

Nikki's feedback on laughter & sound

Laughing with Anetta from Gillingham, Dorset

With first time David 73, Salisbury

Laughing from Salisbury, England with first timer Dave 73 year young -first was not sure if you could laugh for a whole minute, then surprised how easy it was and now Dave is inspired to do a certified laughter leader training so he can volunteer at care homes to run laughter sessions! Isn't that amazing? Never stop learning new skills hahahaha

Would you like to start your own
 laughter club?
Why not train with me?
 Improvised comedy / drama workshops/theatre for beginners

Feedback from Uni Students First timers

feedback on the 2 day certified laughter course training


GIANT LOVE letter hire
Improvised Comedy Shows

Certified Laughter Club Leader Training Courses, Sound Healing,True Story Telling Events, Meditation & Sound Healing Groups, Gong baths, 1-2-1 Healing Sessions,  Drama Improv workshops for beginners, team building, Improvised Comedy Shows, laughter yoga for hen parties. 
Anetta is a Certified laughter yoga leader & teacher, sound healing practitioner, Shamanic Healer. trained yoga teacher.
Bournemouth and Salisbury / Stonehenge area.
Get in touch if you are in interested in any of the groups:
-Laughter Club & Relaxation for adults
-Laughter Club for kids &participating parents
-Sound Healing Relaxation Session
-Improvesed Theatre / Short scenes for complete beginners (adults & a separate kids club)
-True Story Telling Events
-Healing with drums & rattles workshop
Many thanks, peace & laughter: Anetta

"May the rest of your life be the best of your life."  Jose Silva founder of the Silva Method

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