Improvised Scenes, Theatre / Drama Improv for All Levels


4 hour weekend workshops

Lots of fun drama games to build up the confidence to improvise scenes. You will be acting before you know it! Play a lot of different characters. Total beginners welcome.
1.30pm-5.30pm, tea, coffee, fruit & biscuits included.
pay in full in advance: £15.

Maximum 12 places, please contact Anetta to show your interest.

(Contact Anetta if you would like this workshop & we create an event for you)

In The Moment

Improvised Comedy Group


An Evening Of Spontaneous Fun

Lots of short, funny scenes created on the spot. You suggest it, we create it!

We haven't got any performances scheduled yet for 2018. Currently looking for a nice cafe where we can seat about 30-40 people. Get in touch if you would like to host us. 

Improv group suitable for all levels:

Mondays 7.15pm-9.30pm 

New members welcome, friendly welcoming fun based group.  Bring your true stories, they have been the biggest laughs to play them out / have fun with & must say very therapeutic for some to see slightly frustrating & challenging situations being played out lots of different ways, over dramatized, & sometimes exactly how it was without even knowing it- we laughed & laughed. This is what it is all about being able to have a laugh even when life is a bit challenging at the moment :-)   No acting experience needed, just the ability to be able to listen & let go of the mind. Come & be in the moment, enjoy it forget about everything else for a bit.


 £5/eve for regular members who have been to a day workshop or 

been more than 6 times to evening courses.

Venue: Bournemouth (Springbourne BH1 4NU)

Booking is necessary, please contact Anetta to book.

Looking forward to improv with you.

 07588 629295