Access Bars®

Are you ready for a big positive change? Creating more space & clarity?

Anetta is an Access Bars®  Practitioner & Facilitator 

Train to be a practitioner

Are you ready to receive the gift that Access Bars® practitioner training course is & experience a day of relaxation, building new friendships through releasing judgement & points of views?

Gift & Receive

Getting your Bars run helps to release judgements, illnesses & believes that doesn’t even belong to us but somewhere in the way we made it ours. Silly things like if you don’t wrap up you catch a cold. Hahahaha! The things we believed that our parents told us. It is time to be free & live a healthier fulfilled life.

 When you "get your Bars run," which is what the founder of Access Consciousness® Gary Douglas & Co Founder Dr Dain Heer call the act of receiving Bars, a practitioner lightly touches 32 points on your head & a session can last 60-90 minutes. Touching the Bars allows for the electromagnetic charge that holds thoughts, feelings, & emotions in place to dissipate, allowing you to perceive your life, body and relationships with clarity and ease.

What else is possible?®   90 minutes session £45 

Please contact Anetta to book.  How does it get any better than this?

This one day training is comprehensive with all instruction both verbal & written supplied on the day along with your certificate of completion. You will learn where the 32 points are on the head that help to release limiting beliefs. You will receive & give bars twice. That is 4 times the strength as when you give you also receive.
What else is possible?®
Refreshments, snacks & fruit included.
Bournemouth BH1
Message me, Anetta Panczel to show your interest & willingness to participate in this day. 
Cost - as set by Access Consciousness®
1 Day Certified Course- £190
Repeat days - £95

I attended my first Bars class in July 2015 in London. I received two sessions & I gave two sessions with guidance of trained Bars Facilitator. Even though that I had already been trained in many other therapies, I could tell the effect of these Bars sessions were profound. After I woke up the next day I was walking around for two weeks very content, happy, and peaceful in acceptance without any judgement. Many of us are still startled how this very simple method works but it does somehow so I decided to attend another 2 classes with different tutors to become a certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator.

Gift & Receive:

Come to one of the swap  sessions to give & receive Bars, meet other practitioners, have a great laugh, clearing the space with the clearing statements. Snack, tea, fruit is included.

£10 for practitioners to swap, £40 for non practitioners just to receive.

Next: check Access's website as I am not doing BARs right now