Shamanic Healing & AUM Circle

available for bookings for 1-2-1 Sessions & for workshops for groups

Shamanic Healing

Working intuitively, may use any of these methods & tools:

Smudging with sage, using sweet-grass, rattles, shamanic drum, stones to remove blockages & intruders, crystals for healing, the voice, tuning forks, calling on helping spirits & power animals that would like to work with us for your highest good.

Soul retrieval session:

You will be lying down on a comfy mattress while I will be journeying with the drum, calling on power animals (bringing back parts of you that have left when you were faced with challenging situations that you chose to live through the experience of stress).

People normally feel more whole after a soul retrieval session but the real healing happens when you welcome & celebrate this part in you & commit to look after it.

Shamanic healers are here to assist you in healing but the real change will come from your commitment to well-being. An aftercare sheet will be given you to take away with you for your healing journey & celebration of returned parts.

1-2-1 session: Give anything you can afford £35-£55
 Next small group workshop where you give & receive shamanic healing & soul retrieval 10th March 2018 check calendar for more info

AUM Healing Circle

A beautiful, gentle, meditative healing experience with the sound of AUM, HAM, AH & positive nurturing words when it is your turn to receive from the group. Giving & receiving healing, working in pairs or small groups of 3 or 4.

Normally starting with pair work using the rattles or shamanic drums to release any blockages but I always work intuitively & see what the group needs.

When there are only 3 or 4 -everyone will have a chance to stand in the very big singing bowl & receive healing from the rest of the group too.

For the AUM healing you will be lying down & receive healing through loving, gentle touch & loving sounds. You don't need to bring anything with you just the intention to be a clear channel for everyone's highest good.

We will also invite the helping spirits, power animals (angels if you like) to place their hands on yo to help us channel clear healing energy for you & ask them to repair any inbalances in the chakras & the energy fields around you.

The energy is usually very strong in the room. When we sing your name to you with much love & care-it is a very healing & touching experience as normally you would only hear your name when people are calling you to do something or when your parents told you off when you were a child. The general feedback is that when people arrive unsettled & stressed they always leave very balanced, uplifted, feeling loved & privileged. 

Gongs are present but won't be sounded as this group was created for someone with tinnitus who is not able to take the high pitched sound from the gongs. Please note the gongs are such a powerful instruments just being with them in the same room is a healing experience as they contain all the healing energy they have already done.

Arrive 10 minutes early for 3.15pm start.

Maximum 10 booking is necessary. Message me with the dates you would like to book in for & to receive the full address.

Give anything you can £6-£12

You don't need to bring anything with you, along with care & love, herbal teas, blankets & comfy mattresses are provided.