Sound Healing

                          “Vibrate the Cosmos & the Cosmos shall clear the path” Yogi Bhajan
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About Sound Healing 

Sound Healing with singing bowls, tuning forks, voice & gongs is an effective & proven method that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress & create a deep sense of peace, well-being & better health.

Everyone & everything has a vibration. Stress & negativity block the healthy flow of energy & our bodies can lose their vibrational harmony showing up in the energy field around our body as low energy disturbances at first & later as illness in our physical bodies.

Stress is at the cause of many of our 21st-century health problems. We can balance our bodies through relaxation & health & happiness can be restored. 70 % of the human body is made of water, the vibration of a singing bowl will create a mandala pattern in the body, which is healing & relaxing.


 1-2-1 & small groups sessions with
Anetta sound healing practitioner MSHC

What are the sessions like? 

Sessions last one hour plus arriving & silence at the end ready to leave 90 minutes after arriving. You will be lying down fully clothed (wear something comfy) on a mat on the floor. Bowls are placed & played all around the body.

 You will have a beautiful experience bathing in the sound of Gong & singing bowls. At the end  while you are in a totally relaxed space positive affirmations will be read out to you, tailored for your needs. 

How many sessions will I need? 

This depends on the individual. Some clients can get dramatically better or well just after one session & some will need up to 5 sessions.

1-2-1 personalised sessions available £45 / for a 90 minute session (40% discount available for those on low income due to pandemic or low income for any other reasons)

including silence, grounding & a refreshing cup of tea or hot water with lemon at the end.

Please contact Anetta for more info.


The Universal Greeting

A Beautiful Meditative Vibrational Healing Journey with Gongs & complimented with other beautiful percussion Instruments
Immerse yourself in the ancient healing vibration of the gongs & shamanic drums where the sounds of these powerful healing instruments will take you to different places to bring you healing & strengthen your auric field.
All you need to do is lay down & to be open to receive. The rattles, rainsticks & shamanic drums help to release blockages from the body. The vibrations swim around the space, through our every cell, releasing tension, giving us an inner massage & affecting our brainwaves -often bringing the mind into a meditative state or to sleep. Every journey is different; one may go on a beautiful journey or on a more challenging one where emotions, memories surface that need healing. The detoxification & the healing will continue after the sound bath so it is always good to drink plenty of water & herbal teas after. I will be offering small mugs of cam
omile & mugwort tea after the session but please bring some water with you. Wear something comfy.

What shall I do after the gong bath?

* Be gentle with yourself, your body & mind might have gone through a healing process where you need to rest and take it easy the rest of the day / evening. Go to bed early, relax and allow the healing to happen.
* Drink plenty of water to allow any energy retention to clear after the gong & drum healing experience.
* Be in a quiet space, try to give TV, or electronic devices a rest to make the effects of the healing better. Only speak what is very necessary, try to go within 
* Take a relaxing shower or bath to help you sleep even better 

What can sound healing treatment help with?

  • Reducing stress / relieving tension
  • Improving concentration
  • Loosening the muscular system
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stimulating life force flow in the body
  • Easing pain in the cervical, back & lumbar joints
  • Relieving abdominal problems & cramps
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Respiratory disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Detoxification process & getting rid of excrement
  • Insomnia
  • Experiencing meditation
  • Removing mental & emotional negativity
  • Synchronizing the brain hemisphere
  • Harmonizing the chakras with the energy field, heighten intuition and perception and many more.
  • Can be booked for Sound Healing Workshop

    Sound Healing with Gongs, Voice & Singing Bowls & Gentle Touch

    Raise your vibration & meditate with the help of the amazing sounds. Gentle gong & singing bowls bath meditation. Receive & give healing in a small group. Basic sound healing skills. Learn some basic skills to play the gongs, singing bowls & using the voice for your own & others well-being.

    Hand Made Singing Bowls for sale.
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