Connecting People Through True Stories & Personal Truth

Heart to heart connections through sharing, being heard & not being judged, true stories, truth, being in the moment, eye gazing with deep breathing & games. Connecting with your own true self, true stories, your truth about a certain topic where you got to share & talk, getting full attention without any interruption. It is a non-judgmental place to share your thoughts & feelings on a topic where we are not going to agree or disagree with you just listening with compassion & an open mind to give everyone the same attention no matter how different their perspectives are from ours. For example if the topic is Death some might have a strong belief in afterlife & some will not. It is very interesting to hear how different we are or how different experiences we would choose to have when something happens to us. 
This will start in April 2018-page is being built.

Feedback After True Story Telling